September 2, 2015


Family Pic

Ellen & I with Rachel, Aaron, Jonathon, Labour Day 2010.

I learned about the then-new site when an early client was making the leap from traditional radio to internet broadcasting.

Years later, BTR seemed like a great way to create podcasts for my clients. Instead of producing a monthly email newsletter about Joomla ecommerce, producing regular podcasts seemed like a better idea. The bulk of my client communication is via email, so a quick podcast to my clients seemed like a good change of pace: “Hi, this is Bob Bloom. Here are some things happening in Joomla ecommerce that you should know about”.

When I signed up at BTR, seeing that my podcasts would be available to all — not just to my clients — I thought I should do a radio styled podcast.

After experimenting in the Fall 2009, I started my weekly BTR podcasts Feb to Aug 2010.

Figuring no one wanted to hear my voice, I invited guests to come on my show. Such wonderful guests, who were great sports about doing shows with me.

Wanting regular guests to voice opinions, I started my Round Table of Guests.

My podcasts were nominated for an “O.S.C.A.R” at the Joomla and Beyond Conference last May. Scroll to 9:06 of this award ceremony video.

I wrapped up my BTR shows, and am starting this new MEDIA site, to bring you more shows about Joomla ecommerce; and, about the broader world of ecommerce beyond Joomla.

I am an ecommerce consultant living in Toronto, Canada, producing shows about ecommerce for fellow consultants, their clients, and site owners.